Monday, April 11, 2011

baking brownies...on a snow day...excuse the messy kitchen
So I realize I haven't posted in a while
my goal for the year was to post more often...
life got in the way. 

yum...brownie batter...again excuse the kitchen

Since the first of the year we had a major snowstorm
that kept us out of school for a week
we have been to Charleston, SC for a conference
and Orlando, FL for a conference
We have finished lambing out most of our ewes (those are female sheep)
Finished one full set of calves out on milk
now working on the second set
I coached a 4-H team for a state competition
competed at State
hosted a "how to show" clinic for 4-H'er involved in a local livestock project
had our annual livestock show and sale
things from my son's perspective
Wyatt got accepted to pre-school for the upcoming year
so we are beginning to prepare him
we have read the same book 214 times
he has become an expert at making circles
wyatt trying to land the blimp
And I have crafted zero..
i was inspired to work on a project this weekend
and when i plugged up the sewing machine...
nothing...i kept getting an error message...
so i set it away...then
yesterday i took the time to work on it and finally got it back working