Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maybe not as domesticated as I thought

When I arose this morning a glaring reality hit me as I gazed around our kitchen amid baskets full of sewing supplies...maybe I am not as domesticated as I thought....I can't find a clean coffee mug!  Now for some of you this might not scream fear maybe you only have 2 or 4 and forgot to run the dishwasher however in our house we have at least 8 in the cabinet.  As I washed the cups so that I could have my morning dose of caffeine I tried to remember the last time I washed dishes...and sad to say I couldn't remember.  We had been using paper plates, and quick meals so the only things getting dirty were cups and utensils, I realize that is no excuse but I guess since the dishes weren't spilling out of the sink I didn't realize how bad it was!  I quickly corrected this infraction and began a deep cleaning of sorts scrubbing floors, countertops and more.  I attempted to organize my abundance of sewing materials and decided there were more pressing the two baskets of books spread across the living room floor by a little man named Wyatt...or the fact that it was laundry day...or maybe it was more that I knew within a few hours I would spread all the items out again to work on a few projects. 

Just let me say I envy all of you who have a designated space to craft in (whatever your craft)...I must share my space with the kitchen which is also the dining room (that's what happens when you live in a house of 900 square feet).  I have the lofty goal of creating a sewing nook of the west wall of our bedroom but getting the hubby to help has proven slightly difficult.  And since I sew late into the evening I worry that my midnight creativity might impede the sleep of the hardworking man...but then again he has slept through thunderstorms, contractions, part of Wyatt's birth, and a screaming two year old a few weeks back, so a little sewing might not interrupt his sleeping.

I have had a hard time keeping all of you updated on my sewing after much thought I have decided that I am going to pick a sewing book and create each item in the book.  I will photograph each step and the final project.  I plan to start this project June 15th.  That gives me enough time to select a book, gather supplies and finish up a few projects I have in the works including Wyatt's quilt, surprises for Samuel and Gwen, Tucker's baby gift, Phoebe's, Rachel's, Tracy's, Scott's, Scotty's, and Paige's birthday presents, plus a few surprise items for my cousin and her family out in California. 

So stay tune and follow along as I sew through an entire book of patterns!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little boys give Momma's great big JOYS

Yesterday we held our 3rd annual Miss York County Livestock pageant (in case you don't know I am into the whole animal thing).  Many find me being the director of this event weird because I don't have a daughter, but it is something I enjoy doing (most of the time). I had to leave the little man with Grandma, PawPaw, Margaret, and Tatum for the evening and through the tears for the first time Wyatt said, "NO MOMMA GO, I fl-ove you!"  I was wonderful to hear and almost broke my heart to leave him but I had too. 

Well afterwards I found out he cried for 10 seconds and then began entertaining the family, dancing, singing, and just being plain goofy!  And when asked about what he did, Wyatt casually replied "ride Gat(or) and play tractors with Grandma...and eat ice cream...PawPaw.  Oh yeah by the way never do anything in front of this kid you don't won't the WHOLE world to hear about...he is still telling on himself from last week when he pushed his cousin down and took his tractor away..LOL

I know this wasn't about crafting but he is a major part of my inspiration.  H

Have a great day!


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Camera Strap covers Added to store

Yesterday many of you might have heard that I purchased a new camera. Well of course its sad little strap needed some pepping up and thats just what I did last night. If anyone needs a camera strap to match your style just let me know. They are on sale over in the shop. Have a great day!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Back from my blogging vacation!

So if you haven't noticed I haven't blogged in a LONG LONG time.  I have been crazy busy but I have also been trying to decide just where I want this blog and my other FIVE to do.  I feel that if I blog about all my interest on one that you might get a little bored or overwhelmed (just as I do).

For those of you who don't know I also blog about pressing agriculture issues to help advocate for family farms in South Carolina and across the country (here).  Plus updating blogs from work(here) and my volunteer positions(here, here and here).  So I have decided that I will keep each blog and set a schedule to update them all in my planner.  Some blogs will even be setup to accept mobile entries to make it more productive.  I have lots to share (not that anyone is interested). 

I have also been trying to setup an online sewing business like so many others have done.  I have an Etsy show and a shop on the Big Cartel site.  I am not hoping to pay off a mortgage or even a car but at least help pay the grocery bill and support my fabric habit. 

In addition to all of this I have also decided to change jobs and in August I will be going back into the classroom to teach Middle level science.  With this decision made I took a few days off work to enjoy with little man and re-landscaped our yard.  It was a great time to sit together and truly appreciate how much he has changed in the past 2 years.  I was amazed at the child he has grown into. 

And last but not least I have picked up my old habit photography.  I know all you digital junkies out there are shaking your head in disbelief how can someone deal with all that but I enjoy it and there is just something about pictures.  I think back to all those times I sat on my grandparents beige plaid couch and flipped through picture albums and heard stories about the people in those photos.  Digital photos for me don't get off the camera, so my grandchildren would miss that experience.  Those are some of my fondness memories...but don't worry with all the technology out there you will still get to see all the pictures I take around the farm. 

I hope to post pictures of new projects soon so stay tuned!