Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas presents

Since most of the presents have been given here is an idea of what I have been up to.  This year I made presents for the majority of our family.  Here is my completion list.

3 checkbook covers
5 tote bags
1 black apple doll
1 crayon roll
5 zippered bags
15 hairbows
1 hairbow holder
2 throw blankets
4 dish towels
1 ipod cover
4 pony tail holders

I think that covers it for now... I still have somethings to make before Monday.  I hope to post pictures of all my creations soon.  Have a wonderful Christmas and holiday celebration!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Hairbows, Hairbows, and more hairbows!!!

Now most of you know I don't have a little girl.  My precious little one is ALL BOY!  Tough and rough are the words most used to describe him but I do have a few little girls (like 10) on my shopping list.  Since the majority of them aren't able to read or if they can their Aunt's blog is not on the top of their list I decided to share a few of my gifts early. 

I have made hairbows for most of them.  They are simple bows made out of ribbon, clips, buttons, and hot glue.  Nothing fancy just simple and cute gifts for the darling little girls in my family.  I have also made a hairbow holder for my youngest niece.  Below are pictures of the creations. 

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Creations!

This is a busy time of year for most of us.  I just realized that Christmas is only 9 days away!  I have only finished one person's gifts!  OMG what am I gonna do????  Get sewing!  Since everything I am making right now is for presents you'll have to wait to see my new creations! 

Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Traditions

"So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the traditions that you were taught by us, either by our spoken word or by our letter."  2 Thessalonians 2:15

Each family has their own holiday traditions.  Personally ours are rooted in our Christian belief.  As young parents we are trying to instill traditions in our son, Wyatt.  Our plan is for Wyatt to grow up knowing that we celebrate Christmas for the birth of our Saviour Jesus Christ, not for presents or Santa.  Now that does not mean we don't give Wyatt presents or forbid him from asking Santa for things however we try to constantly remind him the reasons we celebrate. 

We began our family Christmas traditions the first year we were married. To kick off the Christmas season we go out and search for a tree to decorate together.  Now this tree isn't bought from a lot or a tree farm.  It is one that we find on our adventures feeding cows.  Some years it takes weeks of feeding cows for me to find the "right" tree.  This year however I was limited to one day.  We searched the field high and low and finally found a tree I thought would work. 

Now that our tree is up it is much more "Charlie Brown" than I wished for but we will love it just the same because we trekked through the fields, rain and cold to find a tree together as a family.  Wyatt was able to help pick the tree and pull it to the truck and even help secure them.  A wonderful Sunday afternoon.  The tradition doesn't end with the cutting of the tree.  We haul the tree home and get all the decorations out and then bake homemade cookies.  We put the cookies on a Disney Christmas plate given to me by a former student.  William gets the tree ready on the porch to put in the house.  We then move it inside.  We string the lights and ribbon and then before we put the oranments on William places the star at the top of the tree.
Then we hang the oranments.  William prefers to watch on this part of the decorating however he is still there with us, enjoying our time together.  We talk about the oranments that we have recieved as gifts and what's special about each one.  Wyatt gets to hang all of his oranments himself.  It's bittersweet to see how much he has changed.  We laugh about the fact that the "Our First Christmas" pewter oranment still has no date and we are celebrating our 5th Christmas together as husband and wife.  I tell Wyatt the story behind my favorite oranments.  Like the one given to me by Ms. Teresa, my former 4-H agent in Georgia.   Once our tree is finished I always snap a few pictures of Wyatt with the tree. 
I also get a few pictures of the tree alone.  It is a great way to spend the afternoon and evening.  Wyatt's bedtime story that night is always about Jesus and why we celebrate his birth.  Our traditions don't end there we continue throughout the month: Attending the church Christmas pageant, Christmas Eve service, opening presents at home, eating with family and giving gifts that have lots of love behind them and giving to those in more need that we.  We also do our best to thank God repeatedly for our well being, our family, and his son who saved each of us.  Next year I plan to add a tradition, an Advent Calendar.  No matter how big or small Christmas traditions are important.  The greatest gift the world has seen was found in a stall sleeping in a manger, CELEBRATE!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Stockings Galore!

For 3 days (on and off) I drew, cut, sewed and finished stockings for each person in our department.  It wasn't a hard job but it was one that took a little time and effort.  To make a stocking for someone special you will need:

wool felt
hot glue gun & sticks

Step 1: Using the template draw the stocking onto the felt (you will need two). 

Step 2: Cut out the two stocking parts.

Step 3: Place stockings right sides together and sew a 1/4 inch seam all the way around leaving the top open.

Step 4: Flip the stocking!

Step 5: Trim the top with decorative scissors or pinking shears and fold down 1".

Step 6: Cut 2" of ribbon (make sure you cut the ends on an angle).  Fold the ribbon in half and hot glue to the front of the stocking.  Glue button on top of fold.  Now you have your finished stocking!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hairbows-Korker Bows

The second bow to make takes a little more time but not any more skill.  Any your little girl will love the cute new bow.

You will need: (not all supplies pictured)
1/4" dowel rods
wooden clothes pins or binder clips
baking sheet
grosgrain ribbon 3/8"
hair clip
heavy duty thread or embroidery thread

1. Begin by putting your ribbon at the top of the dowel rod and securing it with a clothespin.  Twist the dowel in your hand and wind the ribbon snugly around the dowel.  Once you get to the end of the dowel trim the ribbon and secure the end with a clothespin.  Place the finished ribbon dowel on a cookie sheet.

Once you have all the dowels you need (or want) wrapped in ribbon place them in a 275 degree oven for 25 minutes.  You can bake longer if you would like, however I would keep an eye on them since each oven is different.

Once your ribbons have cooled completely remove them from the dowels.  I made a 3" bow so I cut my ribbon 2 1/2".  Depending on the size of bow you want cut accordingly (4" bow= 3 1/2" cuts). 
Once you have cut all of your ribbon stack them together. 

Begin placing korker ribbon on the needle but do NOT thread it all the way down (just yet).  Continue to stack the ribbon onto the needle, keeping your finger at the bottom of the needle to prevent it from sliding.  Make sure you put each korker in a different direction.  Now pull the thread through the ribbon until the knot in the thread stops it.  Push the needle back down through the middle of the ribbon.  You will need to do this several times be careful (needle pokes hurt).  Seal the ends of the ribbon and attach to a clip or barrette.  You can attach using hot glue or sewing the bow to the clip or barrette. 

(I will post pictures of the finished product later!)

Hairbows-pony tail holder

Making your own hair ribbons or pony tail holders is quick and easy and much cheaper than purchasing from a bonqtiue.  For all my supplies to make both of these items I spent less than $10. 

The pony tail holder is the simplest to make and requires the least amount of time.  You will need some scrap fabric, cover button kit, scissors, and ouchless elastic bands.

Next using the button shell trace the outline of the shell onto the fabric.  Trim fabric leaving a 1/2 inch of fabric around the shell. 

Using the mold that comes in the kit place the mold on a solid surface.  Lay fabric right side down onto the mold.  Push button shell into the mold.  The fabric will cover the top of the shell and the excess will be push out above the sides of the mold.  Trim the excess fabric.

Put the back of the button cover into the mold.  Using the pusher push until the back is firmly set into the shell.

Unmold the finished button.  Turn the button over to show the back.  Through the small hole insert a hair elastic and pull the long side of the elastic through the small loop that has formed. 

Pull tight.  The hair elastic is now secured to the button cover and is ready to use.
Enjoy your new hair accessories.