Monday, September 26, 2011

Update on my Goals...

On January 1 of this year I listed 103 goals I would like to accomplish this year.  The other day I remember I had made this list and thought I would check to see how things were going.  And since I haven't really been blogging that much on HSM I realize some of these goals haven't been met.  HSM has taken a backseat to life and my other blog the Farm Wife.  Just a few weeks ago I was contacted by someone who likes my work and encouraged me to take it a step further.  So I am embarking on a new adventure for HSM.  More details to come soon! I have updated the 1st 40 and will do the remaining later!

2011 Goals!
1. Spend more QUALITY time with William & Wyatt-I have made extra efforts this year to spend more time with both my husband and the boy.  We have gone on trips together and just spent a few days at home enjoying each other's company.  It has been great but we should do it more often. 

2. Keep the house in order EVERYDAY-this has not been accomplished....there are still days when it looks like 2 tornadoes came through our house.

3. Never go to bed with dirty dishes in the sink-this also has not been accomplished...more nights than not there are at least a few dishes left in the sink.

4. Read my bible DAILY...and pray about it- I have been praying much more than I have in the past however I am still not getting in my daily reading time like I should.  I will do really well for a week or two and then it drops off again...gotta find a routine that works for me.

5. Potty train Wyatt- DONE!

6. Blog everyday- not everyday but I have been consistently blogging over @ The Farm Wife

7. Keep my gradebook up to date-this is no longer an issue...i left the classroom in June to return to the county as an informal environmental educator.

8. Have my lesson plans done a week ahead of time-#7 explanation applies here as well!!!

9. Update my school webpage weekly-#7 explanation applies here as well!!!

10. write on the farm blog each week- I have actually been doing this more often than once a week most weeks!

11. begin an adopt a cow/ewe program- still developing the program...hope to launch 1/1/2012

12. advocate for modern production farms are a good thing- I have jumped into this full swing...even attended trainings and spoken to various groups about the importance of modern agriculture.  I will actually be on the cooking stage at state fair Oct 15!!

13. declutter my house once and for all- a work in progress!  I have began this process and let go of lots of things but not finished yet!

14. sit down to supper with the boys EVERY night- we have increased our supper time makes a great way to wrap up the day.

15. dress nicer...especially when going out...even to make an early morning wal-mart run- this is hit or miss...some days I'm a diva other days I'm a disaster!

16. take better care of myself- doing better but should really drop my Bojangles habit

17. attend WIC each month- with William's new work schedule this hasn't been possible as he works late on Monday night so that's mine and Wyatt's night to spend quality time together.

18. Set aside time each week to coordinate SCBAP and BRE activities- I have gotten the SCBAP activities coordinated much better this year...probably not thanks to me but to my super national contestant...BRE is still suffering from lack of activities.

19. have another baby- still working on it

20. finish redecorating Wyatt's room...finally- not done yet...his taste and interest keep changing but we are finally narrowing some things down.

21. feed up nightly before William gets home- this has been completed...each night Wyatt and I trek to the barn to feed up.

22. practice my photography and photoshop skills-I take pictures like CRAZY...getting better at capturing the moment...photoshop skills are developing but not quickly.

23. complete Wyatt's 2nd scrapbook-I've started it but nowhere near complete

24. scrapbook our family farm- haven't even found paper for this project yet

25. help others understand why modern agriculture is important- working daily to share with others in various ways, Facebook, Twitter, and forums.

26. plant a garden- done and done again!  We actually planted a summer garden and now a winter garden.  Crops are beginning to come up and need to get to weeding!

27. learn to can- we have canned a few items but not sure how well it turned out...i think too much pectin in the jelly

28. clean out the car shed...and put a car in there..LOL-yeah no...haven't touched this!

29. landscape the yard- we did landscape right around the house but the front yard is still a blank canvas

30. bake a fresh loaf of bread each week- did really well with this until my oven went out...still haven't fixed that!

31. increase my compassion level- working on it

32. have more patience and understanding-prayer has helped in this area!

33. teach Wyatt to count- Wyatt can now count to 8...that's how many cows we milk in one line at the dairy barn

34. teach Wyatt his ABC's-he has gotten much better however he must have a hammer or some other object to beat with while he is singing them!

35. help Wyatt learn to ride on his own...meaning Bartow moves without me leading him- Wyatt is trying but his legs need to get a little longer...right now Tubby (Bartow the horse) is too fat to feel his little feet.

36. be more frugal with my money-comes and goes...some days I'm great with this others I am terrible!

37. enjoy the little moments in life- doing my best...slowing down some has allowed me to sit back and really focus on what's important.

38. sew at least twice a week- for about 6 months I didn't sew at all and within the last month I have really picked up and started enjoying this again...i really love to sew just some times don't crave out the time.

39. set aside time to craft with Wyatt each week-Wyatt and I create something at least once a week.  It might only be a play dough monster or a painting but each week we create something fun.

40. listen to William- this isn't really that hard...he doesn't talk much but now I try to make sure I am actually LISTENING not just hearing him talk while I watch TV.

So there is the first 40...I will finish the rest later but that is a start to let you know where I am and how I am doing!