Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hairbows-pony tail holder

Making your own hair ribbons or pony tail holders is quick and easy and much cheaper than purchasing from a bonqtiue.  For all my supplies to make both of these items I spent less than $10. 

The pony tail holder is the simplest to make and requires the least amount of time.  You will need some scrap fabric, cover button kit, scissors, and ouchless elastic bands.

Next using the button shell trace the outline of the shell onto the fabric.  Trim fabric leaving a 1/2 inch of fabric around the shell. 

Using the mold that comes in the kit place the mold on a solid surface.  Lay fabric right side down onto the mold.  Push button shell into the mold.  The fabric will cover the top of the shell and the excess will be push out above the sides of the mold.  Trim the excess fabric.

Put the back of the button cover into the mold.  Using the pusher push until the back is firmly set into the shell.

Unmold the finished button.  Turn the button over to show the back.  Through the small hole insert a hair elastic and pull the long side of the elastic through the small loop that has formed. 

Pull tight.  The hair elastic is now secured to the button cover and is ready to use.
Enjoy your new hair accessories. 

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  1. I really need to make some of these for myself to jazz up my daily ponytail hairstyle rut I am always stuck in.