Monday, April 19, 2010

Lilac Lane Giveaways

Good Morning everyone! 

This weekend I was able to sit and sew some (pictures coming soon).  I made a Elyse top out of some really spunky yellow patterned fabric and I somewhat finished a dress that I started on a year ago.  I can't believe it has taken me that long to get it finished (it wasn't hard either, just procrastation.) 

As I was checking on all the blogs I follow this morning I found out that Lilac Lane is hosting another giveaway.  This time she is giving away 5 of her favorite things to celebrate her birthday.  How generous is that?!?!  I hope you will all hope over and see all she has to offer.  I love her tutorials, they are very easy to follow, my favorite is the carseat cover.  Have a great day~


  1. Thanks so much Caci! You are a sweetie.

  2. I saw your comment on my blog and you are the 1st person I have ever seen that spells your name the same as me also!! Do you pronounce your name "K.C"? I get called the weirdest things sometimes! Anyway, my name is really Acacia, but my mom took the "A" off of the beginning and the "A" off of the end and got Caci in the middle for my "nickname" although that is all I have ever gone by. I noticed that you follow my sister-in-law's blog Homemaker. I will be checking in on your blog often too!! (Sorry to write all this as a comment!) ;-)