Monday, May 11, 2009

Recycled Crayons

This is a picture of the molds we were using to create our crayons. These molds are candy molds but you could use candle or clay molds as well.

After attempting the microwave we moved the melting to the stove. This didn't work as well as I had hope. My next attempt will be in the oven.

We melted the crayons in a double boiler set-up. Just to let you know if you try this it takes forever.

After melting the crayons as best I could we placed the wax in the mold on ice. This was to make it harden faster. Again the end result was not the quality I would have liked to see. I'll let you know how my next attempt goes.

My first attempt at creating recycled crayons did not go so well. I had a hard time getting the crayons to melt and the end result was not the quality I wanted. I plan to try my hand at this again in the very near future. Here are some of the pictures from my first attempt.

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