Thursday, June 18, 2009


My instense love for gdiapers comes and goes. This week it is stronger than normal. Especially after the great email I just got. I can't wait for June 23!!! I never thought that a diaper would exicte me, but each new g development gets me up in arms. Recently we made a trip to West VA and we took along our Bumgenius 3.0 and our gdiapers with g-refills and cloth liners. I have to say our g-refills were a lifesaver. They are so easy to use and flush great in all toliets I have encountered. If I had just relied on g's then we would not have smelled the diapers all the way home. Every adventure in life results in lessons learned. I am a true gdiaper mum! I tell everyone about all the great aspects of this diaper.

There is one thing I haven't tried yet with gdiapers and that is composting. I think that we will start that soon. Just to see how it works and to determine if it is benifical for us. Stay tune....later I will post some more great things about gdiapers!

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  1. You go girl! Back when my two were little we used good old fashion cloth diapers! Scott's mom loved them! :-)