Thursday, October 29, 2009

Creating Homemade Christmas Gifts

Say goodbye to gift cards and Webkinz...hello love! Homemade Christmas gifts is a great way to save money and give a gift from the heart. Just recently I decided that I was going to make as many of my gifts this year as possible. Now that doesn't mean we are giving our construction paper cards and pompom oranaments. I have done lots of online research and decided on sweet personalized gifts for everyone on our list. My gift ideas range from felt food to scarves and cookies.

This idea came to me as a way to conserve money but to also bring back the true meaning of Christmas. I vividly remember the chapter about Christmas in the book "Little House in the Big Woods," it talked lovingly about creating special gifts for family members. How people took the time and care to make a gift someone else would love. Too often in today's world people get caught up in the chaos surrounding the holidays and forget the reason for our Christmas traditions. I challenge each of you to make at least one gift for someone special this year. This challenge will help you learn a craft and give you a timeline all of which are helpful. Please post pictures of your crafts for all of us to see!

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  1. This is exactly what we are doing this year too. I think everyone including the girls are getting at least one handmade item. Last year I did homemade soap(not to be confused with melt and pour not that there is anything wrong with that) and canned apple butter, and different jams and preserves. Check out the button on my blog for Skip to My Lou Handmade Gifts. She has tons of great ideas and tutorials.