Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Creating gifts

I have finished my first gift of the year. This gift was a selfish one though. I crocheted myself a scarf, for many reasons. The main reason was to make sure I could really complete this project in a timely manner. I have a few more (like 10) to go. I hope to be done with them by the middle of December. Below are pictures of the yarn. I will post finished pictures of the scarf later this week!

The yarn was handspun, hand-dyed local wool. Colleen Hewlett a local fiber artist produced the yarn from her own sheep. I hope to learn how to spin yarn after the first of the year so I too can utilize more local products. Here is the link to Colleen's etsy shop: .


  1. So pretty. Everybody I know knows how to crochet. Nobody knows how to knit. I of course learned to knit watching tutorials online. Just had to be different. I definately want to see the finished scarf. I am working on one for Mama for Christmas now. I have made 1 for Aly, 1 for Abby, and now 1 for Mama. I'm not really a scarf person or I would make one for me too.

  2. I want to see pictures of the finished scarf! I have made a couple to give as gifts already and bought a skein of yarn today specifically to make one for myself.