Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birthday Party Invite

My little man is turning two in less than 2 week!  Wow time really does fly!  If you don't know it my husband is a full time farmer and my son wants to be just like his daddy.  He has been in the barn and on tractors since no long after birth.  I still remember the day I went back to work and left Wyatt with his daddy, as I pulled out of the drive William was strapping Wyatt into his front carrier on the tractor!  That connection has strength into a deep love of tractors for my son.  He loves his vroom vrooms.  So in honor of his favorite thing we are having a Terrific Tractor Trailblazing Party!  I created the invitation for the party using my scrapbooking software from Creative Memories.

This is the front of the invitation.  It was created using a freebie and rubber stamping the image in yellow and green.  I added a text box.  I then saved as a jpeg and printed 4 to a page (wallet size pic).  I cut the print out and glue it to the front of a 4 * 6 inch piece of brown cardstock.  You could add some more embellishments if you wish. 

Above is the back of the invitation where all the important stuff is.  Again I used the rubber stamping option for creating the running border and the shadow for the party title.  Save as a jpeg print at a wallet size pic, cut and glue and you have created an invitation.  You can embellish as you like.  This would be simple to do in any graphic program.  Enjoy!

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