Monday, February 22, 2010

Lila Tueller Giveways and Update

Hurry, hurry get to Lila Tueller blog she is giving away a QUILT!!!!  It is a beautiful quilt that will be a wonderful gift for anyone who wins.  She also has some amazing tutorials and patterns that will help inspire you to get your sewing maching up and running. 

I realize I haven't posted much lately, as many of you I am going in 100 different directions and not sure where I am suppose to be.  I am trying to retake my life and get the chaos under control (LOL).  I have decide to open an Etsy shop to bring in some extra cash.  I will be posting my first items for sale by the end of the month!  I can't wait to show off some new dress designs and outfits.  Please stay tune to view all the super cute stuff! 

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