Sunday, May 23, 2010

Little boys give Momma's great big JOYS

Yesterday we held our 3rd annual Miss York County Livestock pageant (in case you don't know I am into the whole animal thing).  Many find me being the director of this event weird because I don't have a daughter, but it is something I enjoy doing (most of the time). I had to leave the little man with Grandma, PawPaw, Margaret, and Tatum for the evening and through the tears for the first time Wyatt said, "NO MOMMA GO, I fl-ove you!"  I was wonderful to hear and almost broke my heart to leave him but I had too. 

Well afterwards I found out he cried for 10 seconds and then began entertaining the family, dancing, singing, and just being plain goofy!  And when asked about what he did, Wyatt casually replied "ride Gat(or) and play tractors with Grandma...and eat ice cream...PawPaw.  Oh yeah by the way never do anything in front of this kid you don't won't the WHOLE world to hear about...he is still telling on himself from last week when he pushed his cousin down and took his tractor away..LOL

I know this wasn't about crafting but he is a major part of my inspiration.  H

Have a great day!


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