Saturday, May 29, 2010

Maybe not as domesticated as I thought

When I arose this morning a glaring reality hit me as I gazed around our kitchen amid baskets full of sewing supplies...maybe I am not as domesticated as I thought....I can't find a clean coffee mug!  Now for some of you this might not scream fear maybe you only have 2 or 4 and forgot to run the dishwasher however in our house we have at least 8 in the cabinet.  As I washed the cups so that I could have my morning dose of caffeine I tried to remember the last time I washed dishes...and sad to say I couldn't remember.  We had been using paper plates, and quick meals so the only things getting dirty were cups and utensils, I realize that is no excuse but I guess since the dishes weren't spilling out of the sink I didn't realize how bad it was!  I quickly corrected this infraction and began a deep cleaning of sorts scrubbing floors, countertops and more.  I attempted to organize my abundance of sewing materials and decided there were more pressing the two baskets of books spread across the living room floor by a little man named Wyatt...or the fact that it was laundry day...or maybe it was more that I knew within a few hours I would spread all the items out again to work on a few projects. 

Just let me say I envy all of you who have a designated space to craft in (whatever your craft)...I must share my space with the kitchen which is also the dining room (that's what happens when you live in a house of 900 square feet).  I have the lofty goal of creating a sewing nook of the west wall of our bedroom but getting the hubby to help has proven slightly difficult.  And since I sew late into the evening I worry that my midnight creativity might impede the sleep of the hardworking man...but then again he has slept through thunderstorms, contractions, part of Wyatt's birth, and a screaming two year old a few weeks back, so a little sewing might not interrupt his sleeping.

I have had a hard time keeping all of you updated on my sewing after much thought I have decided that I am going to pick a sewing book and create each item in the book.  I will photograph each step and the final project.  I plan to start this project June 15th.  That gives me enough time to select a book, gather supplies and finish up a few projects I have in the works including Wyatt's quilt, surprises for Samuel and Gwen, Tucker's baby gift, Phoebe's, Rachel's, Tracy's, Scott's, Scotty's, and Paige's birthday presents, plus a few surprise items for my cousin and her family out in California. 

So stay tune and follow along as I sew through an entire book of patterns!

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