Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Struggling Seamstress

I want to begin sewing my son some clothing. Each time I go out I notice that the price of quality clothing keeps creeping up. I have decided that even with my limited skill set I can make good quality clothing and toys that will last longer than many store brands. I made the crib set below for him one weekend. However, I must find the time...that is the tricky part.

On Sunday between church and a committee meeting I attempted to cut the fabric for Wyatt's first outfit. A simple little Jon Jon for an Easter egg hunt. This endeavor didn't go so well. I couldn't find any pins to pin the pattern to the material, Wyatt was doing his best to see over the table and pull all the fabric to the floor, and my sister in law (who was suppose to be watching Y) was chatting about the latest gossip around town. I got two of the 8 pieces cut out before I had to give in. It didn't help that I was struggling to read the pattern and cut out the correct size. At last I will give it a go another day when things are quite as distracting.

I hope to give it another try late this evening after Wyatt has retired and I have finished some domestic duties around the house. I am determined to make this outfit for him and to make it well. I want my children to have the opportunity to learn the value of homemade items. One of my favorite wedding gifts is a cross stitch that was given to us. It is simply a raccoon climbing a mailbox with our name embroidered into it. That is the only piece of art that has hung continuously in our house since the day we moved in. The time, energy, and love that went into creating that artwork overwhelms me.

I also have that feeling about the baby blankets made and given to us by friends, family, and former students. My son has two handmade quilts and half a dozen crocheted or homemade baby blankets. Until I developed this passion to create my own things at home I would purchase the items from other crafters. I love to help support and fund these projects. Creating things for others is the greatest form of kindness, it doesn't matter if you are creating breads or blankets, the love shines through.

Below is Wyatt after he was born. The cap was hand crocheted by a woman we never met. A group of ladies make enough to give on to each child born in the hospital. In this picture Wyatt is sitting on a quilt made just for him by a family friend. This quilt has traveled with us many times.

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