Friday, April 10, 2009

Easter Outfit

OK so after searching the Internet for HOURS trying to find my son an Easter outfit that was traditional and cheap I decided that it would be cheaper to make one. This is the first official pattern I completed! Usually I start on one and then quit or I just make it as I go without any patterns. That only works on square pieces.

I started on this project about March 30th. I cut out the pattern and the fabric. About two days later I got the lining for the romper cut out. Finally after a week I got the pieces pin together in what I thought was the correct order. I began sewing seams soon after that, but Wyatt had other plans. I tried working on it on and off throughout the night but Wyatt was amazed at the sewing machine and I was concerned about him getting hurt. Finally after William got home and the two of them got to bed I focused on constructing the outfit.

I began by sewing the lining and the fabric right sides together. I left an opening in the leg so I could flip the piece right side out. This was easy enough to accomplish rather quickly. Once I had all the pieces lined and flipped I began pinning the pieces together. I really thought I was following the pattern correctly. I stitched up the seams and pieced the outfit together. I didn't realize until I was trying to finish up the legs that something major was wrong with this outfit. The legs wouldn't go together! I could not figure out to make leg holes without sewing the piece all the way shut! I was getting mad. The seam ripper went to work QUICK! I read the instructions again and again, pinned sections all kind of ways and then realized that I was trying to piece together the WRONG sections of the outfit. After this realization I corrected my mistakes and had the outfit finished in about 30 minutes, including buttons. This was really an accomplishment for me since I am a little challenged as a seamstress.

This outfit taught me a lot about patience and determination, both which rank high on my list of characteristics that need to be cultivated in a person. Even though I had a hard time creating this outfit I plan to make more for Wyatt. My next project is a dress for my niece, not sure how that will go but stay tune to find out....

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