Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Earth Week

As an environmental educator...Earth Week kicked my butt! I did 12 presentations at 3 schools last week, a workshop for adults, an awards reception, and two public events (one that had over 2,000 people attend!). Needless to say I was worn out. I felt like a terrible mom because I didn't have enough time to really play with my little one. I was constantly doing something. I neglected my house and my yard (both which need lots of TLC). I was glad to have the opportunity to share our message with people but I am happy now for a slower time.

Since things have been a little crazy I haven't really done much crafting. I have however spent some time reflecting on God's word. On Monday the 13th we had our monthly women in the church meeting (WIC). We are reading a book by Jerry Bridges called "Trusting God." This is a very powerful book that really has opened my eyes to all of God's kindness and grace. This is a book I really suggest reading if you have a chance. I ended up missing the majority of our Missions Conference because of work however my family and I did pledge to pray for one of our missionaries in Belize. I hope to send them a note this week.

We also pledge our faith promise. A faith promise is an amount of money above and beyond your normal giving to the church. It helps fund missions throughout the world. This is not an amount that you can comfortably give in addition this is an amount that you are not sure how you will give it but pray and God will provide. I am hoping to help instill these values in our son.

My next sewing craft project will be another pillowcase dress for a friend's daughter. I also plan on making something for myself within the next few weeks. I haven't decided if I want to make a dress or a skirt. I have a few options on this. Depending on how the first skirt turns out I might make a skirt for my friend to match her daughter's great Mother's Day gift for friends and family. I hope to start on these projects this week.

I have lots of ideas for kid's crafts as well. I will be doing most of these at work in preparation for summer activities. Keep checking back for instructions on how to make rain sticks, turtle crayons, nature t-shirts, and muck more.

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  1. I need to get you a copy of my skirt pattern when I actually finish making it. I have made 2 skirts size little girl 4 & 6 and adult pattern that a friend used to make one for herself in size 10-12 ish.