Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Very Productive and exciting week...and its just Tuesday!

I am in such a great mood right now!  Engerized and excited!  To begin with I had a great weekend spending time with the boys and also being able to create quite a few things from hair clips, to a ruffle pouch, a hobo bag for my littlest man, finished a quilt top and began quilting it!  I will be posting pictures as soon as I find my camera!  No one said my house was clean :) LOL!

To top off this productive weekend I only have to work 4 days this week nad they are short hours!  And for the exciting part I found out earlier today that I was selected to attend the 2010 Farm Bureau Women's Communication boot camp in Washington, DC this July!  Plus I will be holding my first boutique show in September!  I can't believe how everything is working itself out! 

There is only one more thing on my list for this month...well other than clean house, care for a family, farm, sew and work...I would like to reach 100 followers on my blog!  That means I need quite a few more than I have.  So if you have friends that you think would like to read the crazy antics of a crafting farm wife please have them follow me!  There might be something special in there for the 100th follower.  Don't forget you can LIKE Homespun Momma's Creations on Facebook as well.

Ok well thats all Folks...hopefully I find my camera soon!


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