Friday, June 11, 2010

Thrifty Thursday!

Wow just let me tell you I am not that much of a Thrifty gal!  I've tired hard...i mean really hard...clipping coupons, shopping thrift stores, searching for the best deals online, etc.  But yesterday I hit it!  I finally felt like I was a thrifty gal!  I was out scouting for t-shirts to cut up and make into dresses.  At the thrift store I couldn't find a single t-shirt they didn't want $1.50 for!!!  I was outraged these are used t-shirts I can find them cheaper new!  So on the way out the door something caught my eye...a little boy's blazer!  It was a Children's Place Blue Seersucker blazer...brand new...still had the TAGS!!  And they were only asking $5.  I didn't even try to baragin with them!  I was too are a pic of the little man modeling this great find!
I realize that its a little short and he is wearing a pullup and mud boots but still cute!!  (Please excuse the mess).

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