Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The products of my toil!

This is how I sew most of the time.  Yes that is my two year old on my lap...helping!  It can be difficult be we do our best.  Above he is helping me with my clothes pin apron. 

So I began this weekend sewing with a ruffle pouch/clutch tutorial that I had been dying to try out.  It's not quite as ruffly as I wanted but I am going to make a few more today so I will see what I can do. 

This is the above mentioned clothes pin apron...too cute!  I love how handy it is to have my hands free when I am hanging out clothes!

This is Wyatt's quilt top.  The quilt is not finished by any means but the quilt top it done!  YAY!  I only had to cut, sew, rip seams, sew, rip seams again and sew a few 100 times!  I really should have paid more attention to my layout in the beginning and learn!

This is Wyatt's new Cowboy Toy Bag (Hobo bag).  He loves to fill it up with toys and pretend he is traveling.  Please beware if you see a blonde little boy carrying this bag it is probably filled with die cast metal tractors which will result in injury upon impact!

And last but not least is this lovely little number.  A dress for Clara Wren.  But if you like I have enough material left to make another one.
So that concludes my weekend sewing event!  I had lots of fun but have lots more to do.  Don't forget in 2 weeks we will begin the Book sewing...any ideas on a name for this???

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  1. I love your quilt top. Love, love, love the fabrics! I am making a quilt for Mama for Christmas (shhhh, don't tell) and almost used that exact one. Then I decided to go with whirlygigs for some reason.

  2. Thanks! I bought 4 charm packs on sale a while back and decided that Wyatt needed a quilt his momma made but I think I have enough left over to make another one too but for a girl. Are you and the girls coming home for VBS?