Saturday, June 26, 2010

Blog Redo...Take 2

For a while now I have been talking  about how to change up my blog(s).  Do I want to combine them?  What should I talk about?  You know the deal.  Last night while laying in bed...attempting to sleep in 90 degree weather I came up with a plan.  I won't blog each day of the week however 5 out of 7 days is my goal.  And no I won't be combining the 2 blogs.  I have assigned a title to each day I have chosen to blog on so that I have a guide on what to blog about.

HSM Blog Schedule
Monday Munchies-

      Mondays will be geared toward sharing recipes, also snacks, meal planning etc.

Teaching Tuesday-
      Tuesdays will be used to could be a sewing tutorial, a classroom lesson, a WIC lesson and much much more..

Wear it Wednesday-

        Wednesdays will be devoted to clothing.  Clothing that I have made...what you have made...what my son is or isn't wearing that week, my weekly wardrobe...maybe even a few good deals

Farm Friday-

         Fridays will be giving you a glimpse of the farm life.  Since this is such a major part of my life I would like to share the experience with each of you. 

Sewing Showcase Saturday-

          Saturdays will be my link party.  Showcasing all of your sewing creations for the week. 

I am excited that I have finally discovered a setup that will work for me.   We will begin our new venture on Monday!  So check back I can't wait!

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