Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas 2010

Last year I posted about our Christmas tradition of going out and cutting down our own tree for Christmas.  Now when I say that we go out..I don't mean to a tree farm or to the lot downtown.  No we brave all types of weather and take the chainsaw (Wyatt calls it a saw chain) and find the tree that we can all somewhat agree upon. 

Typically we do this on a Sunday afternoon while checking cows however with our crazy life this year time was running out.  I get a little hard to deal with if we don't have our tree AT LEAST 2 weeks before Christmas.  So one evening after William finished at the barn and we had eaten supper we all bundled up...(it was 12 degrees in SOUTH CAROLINA!!!) and headed out to find that perfect tree in the DARK. 

Looking for the perfect cedar tree to serve as your Christmas tree is a rather difficult task in general but in the dark makes it a little more difficult.  I thought I had found one earlier in the day while I was putting out hay but apparently it was 2 trees in one.  So we finally picked one from along the fence row.

Our tree is one has very few branches on the back side to the point we had to anchor the tree to the wall because the lights were too heavy.  Wyatt and I did most of the decorating which proved interesting since he wants to play with each thing he puts up.

But we love our very traditional country Christmas tree.  It is decorated with ornaments that represent us...cows, sheep and horses galore plus a farmer Santa, a few barns, John Deere's and UGA footballs, handmade ornaments that we have received as gifts, pictures of the little man and his yearly ornament.  We also have angels, wise men and baby Jesus on the tree.  The wild man loves to sit and look at baby Jesus, especially since he has been practicing the Christmas Story in Sunday School and Children's Church.  He can't wait to make Jesus a birthday cake. 

We also have a tree in Wyatt's room covered in blue ornaments.  I will try to remember to get some pictures of it soon.  I have a tree in my classroom as well but I completely forgot to get pictures of it prior to leaving for break.  I was lime green and red with pok-a-dots...a theme that would not go at home since I am out numbered 2 to 1 in the gender area. 

I hope you have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

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