Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of 2010

The last day of 2010 wasn't spent the way I had planned.
No actually the last 2 weeks of 2010 haven't been spent the way I planned.

I dreamed that the little man I and would sleep in and snuggle,
my house would sparkle without me having to try,
the weather would be nice and a little nip in the air,

Bartow and Force would get exercised and Wyatt would be able to ride Bartow alone.
I would sew up a storm and finish me a couple of 50's inspired shirt dresses
so that I could become a vintage housewife

My hubby would have a hardy supper on the table nightly when he came home
and everything would be fed up by sundown

But in reality I have spent the last two weeks rising most days before the sun as shed a ray

cleaning constantly since Hurricane Wyatt arrive with each passing hour with more force than before
the weather has gone from bone chilling cold to I'm breaking a sweat working cows
I have caught the two horses but Bartow still just stands there when Wyatt is on him
I have sew two things this entire break and they were Christmas gifts.
I am so not a vintage housewife (as I am currently lounging in my yoga pants)

My hubby has eaten cereal at least twice in the past two weeks and probably had pizza 3 or 4 times
and he still has to feed up when he gets home in the evening.

Today I spent my morning hours helping out Paw Paw with a few cows that proved to be a little more hardheaded than expected.
We began by moving the show heifers out to pasture with the herd bull,

not our original plan but they been shut up in show fields for the past 9 months and could use a diet prior to getting much as Pet and Gracie hated it they have temporarily entered the world of semi-grown up cattle...then we had planned to move 2 cows and 2 calves across the road to a barn where it is easier to feed them and they have more grazing room..
now this should have been about an hour job at the MOST..however it took forever to load the two cows onto the trailer...we fought and fought and fought with them to get on the trailer...

i thought that Paw Paw was about to lose his religion...
Wyatt even gave up and went to the house with Grandma...
but we got them moved and had a wonderful lunch with Grandma & Paw Paw

now I think its time for the little man and i to take a nap...
I'll dream of a new camera since my died on Christmas day and I can't seem to fix it...
Wyatt will dream of bullriding at the WNFR...
and maybe just maybe when I wake up

I'll clean the house and cook some supper for my hardworking hubby
Stay tune tomorrow I will be posting my New Year's Resolutions...ALL of them!!

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