Sunday, January 2, 2011

Break is almost over!!

As a teacher, I relish my breaks here and there. 
Today is officially the last day I was able to sleep in late,
not get out of my pjs *i'm still in them at 3:30*
let the Little Man run wild and play outside

I still have things i want to do today,
that may or may not get accomplished.
like bake another loaf or two of bread,
make a few more head bands, 
and take down the few remaining decorations that are scattered

but for the most part its back to our old routine with a few changes
1. practicing our word, number and color of the day after school
2. sitting down at the table to supper each night
3. Wyatt has a bedtime...for us 8 or 8:30 since you never know when William will be home
4. William and I spending some time just the two of us discussing what's important

for me the changes will be even my 105 things to do this year is already kicking my tail!

I am not going to bed tonight until...
I have read my devotions and study God's word
finished my lesson plans
 packed my lunch
clothes laid out
 the house is in order...somewhat
at least no dirty dishes,
laundry in the laundry room,
clean clothes put away,
and the den where you can walk through it
(without tripping on another John Deere tractor)

I would upload pics to go along with all these wonderful things but the camera has seen its better days...
Still praying I won the Pioneer Woman giveaway for a Nikon D90...

So until tomorrow...have a blessed day and a wonderful evening with your family

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