Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just another day...on the farm

Yesterday was the first day back at school
 after a wonderful two week break. 
It was hectic...
to say the least...
but I was able to get there somewhat early
finished lesson plans for the rest of the month
review some ideas
and see my lovely students again

Today on the other hand did not start out well...
I woke up late (bad way to start the day)
Then as I got the hot water ready to mix milk for calves
 Wyatt woke up
he wanted to stay in the house
to watch Clifford while I fed calves
(this isn't unusual as it takes him a while to wake up and he would prefer to snooze with teddy)
so I got bundled up and headed to the barn
I had mixed up one bottle and was feeding the 1st calf when...
 I heard him holler from the house
 next I him crying and closer
my heart stopped i was worried that something was wrong
but no when i got to him nothing was wrong
other than he had run outside
forgot to put on his shoes or coat
and said he was

He came on down to the barn with me
to help finish feeding up
feeding the calves was a challenge as they are still young...
just a few days old
it takes longer to feed them
the 1st calf drank OK...a little slow but not too bad
the 2nd calf wasn't interested...
he drank about a 1/4 of a bottle
and decided he was done..
this caused me lots of
I fussed...
tried not to cuss...
and prayed that he would just eat
i broke down and called William...
explaining how this wasn't going to work
as it was already 6:50
I needed to leave the house in 20 minutes
he listened with a sympathetic ear
said it would be OK
 (he doesn't have a clue sometime)
then said if the calf drank some milk he would be fine until this evening
so i moved on to the 3rd calf...
thank God for a smart calf...
he drank the bottle without me even having to get in the pen... answer to one of my prayers

I was finally headed back to the house
got dressed 
round up the little man
to head south to the barn
I was only 5 minutes late to work
but still in my world that might as well be an hour
i was off beat and stressed
the day ended with me being...

when we got home
 it started again...
William's clothes needed to be ironed
for tomorrows Farm Bureau training
the horses and sheep needed hay...
dogs needed feed and water...
and the cats were running wild...
Wyatt insisted on playing baseball
we still have to feed up tonight,
cook supper,
update my classroom website,
bathe the little man,
wash dishes,
spend some time with my hubby

So what's a day at your house like?
do you have to feed calves?
wash clothes?
chase a two year old?

I am sure you have to fulfill many of the same requirements
as I do
maybe without the calves and sheep included
perhaps there is not a calf licking the back of your pants
while you chase a two year
or a horse trying to nibble said child's hair
instead of the hay
but still the same basic things

Until next time I hope you all have a blessed day!!
P.S. maybe soon I can share pictures...if I get a new camera

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