Saturday, January 15, 2011

Nice Washcloths for Young Kiddos

Apparently we have mean washcloths at our home...
now i am not exactly sure what a "mean" cloth is but
that is the word my son uses to describe our washcloths.

Luckily Becky from Becky Ann Designs
helped to solve the mean washcloth problem.
Becky gave Wyatt two flannel washclothes and soap
she made for Christmas.
Below is one of the two...

I sent her a message on FB to find out exactly what she did,
since i didn't want my little man going around telling everyone
about our extremely mean washcloths.

I was amazed by the simple nature of these washcloths
and wondered why I had made these before...
umm...I thought I was crafty!

Well yesterday (snow day 4) Wyatt and I sat down 
to make a bunch so he didn't have to suffer anymore!
He helped me pick out the fabrics 
attempted to help cut with his John Deere pilers
and then sat on my lap as we stitched them together.

We now have an even dozen NICE washcloths.
This would make a great beginner project for someone interested
in getting started sewing...
I will post a tutorial soon...
really its easy peasy!!

Please forgive the photo digital is broken..won't charge AT ALL
and these were taken with my camera photo!

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  1. I love that he tried to cut them out with his pliers. A very manly crafty thing to do. So cute!